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SPEED is a key producer of pre-cast concrete Box Culvert, U-Drain, L-shape Retaining Wall, Slotted Drain, Concrete Pipes, Square Piles, Manholes, Septic Tanks and SP Wall system, sewerage system, water/flood diversions, infra-structure related works for highways, JKP Sdn Bhd as well as Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Malaysia, soil erosion prevention and property development.

Over the period of time, our pre-cast concrete products have been accredited with SIRIM, IKRAM and SPAN certifications and registered with Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia. In 2011, the company obtained the prestigious MS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, further enhancing its commitment towards product quality improvement.

Our Continued success is attributed to our focus on innovation, technological advantage over our competitors and ongoing efforts to put our customers’ needs ahead.

Quality Policy

In order to ensure that SPEED delivers high quality products to our customers every single time, Quality Control teams are set up in all our factories, headed by the Factory Manager and assisted by experienced team members.

We apply stringent quality control procedures that are closely monitored by the Management, and conform to the approved standards issued by SIRIM Berhad (SIRIM). These rules are applied to all raw materials and components in the concrete products manufacturing process.

All designs and specifications comply to the requirements of the relevant authorities such as the Road Works Department (JKR and IKRAM). Regular testing is also carried out to ensure that the products meet the SIRIM and MS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate standards and specifications.

Quality Control Procedures

  1. Daily analysis on sand and aggregates
  2. Tests conducted on mixing for every batch of 50 finished products
  3. Mould alignment & cleanliness
  4. Reinforced test conducted on every reinforcement cage made
  5. Bending / Fabrication test on steel bars for every reinforcement cage made
  6. Welding test conducted on every reinforcement cage mode
  7. Mould assembly concreting test conducted on every mould
  8. Finished products surface


Innovation, quality & on-time delivery

Pre-Cast Concrete Spanning Panel Wall System

The SPEED SP-Wall system is pre-cast retaining wall system consisting of 3 components, namely Reinforced Concrete Pillar, Reinforced Concrete Spanning Panel Wall and Tie Back System.

Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete Vertical Cast Pipe

Various types of joints are available in connecting concrete pipes. SPEED Concrete Vertical Cast Pipes are connected using two type of joints:

– Spigot and Socket Joint
– Rebated Joint

Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete Piles

SPEED Concrete Piles are designed in compliance with BS8004:1986 and BS8110:1997 and JKR 20709-0182-92 and JKR 20709-0359-95 with the approval from Institut Latihan and Penyelidikan Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia (IKRAM).

Pre-Cast Concrete Pipes For Drainage And Sewerage

Pipes are manufactured to provide a corrosion barrier to withstand corrosive attack while maintaining flexiblity to withstand decades of severe services.

Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete U-Drains

Designed for easy handling and laying, our U-drains allow for fast construction of waterways/open flow channels by using high quality factory cast units with a minimum of wet concrete works.

Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete L-Shape Retaining Wall

SPEED Concrete L-Shape units are available in all sizes, with Dry Weather Flow (DWF) channels for the construction of open drains. Designed and manufactured through rigorous quality manufacturing processes, allows for easy and fast handling and installation.

Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts

SPEED Concrete Standard Size and Super Size Box Culverts are designed to cater for backfill superimposed dead load not exceeding 2m depth (inclusive of pavement) plus 45 units of HB vehicle primary live loads.

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