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The Malaysian market has become much more selective when it comes to drinking spirits. With the encouraging boom of speak-easies, very talented and notable bar experts and creative marketing campaigns, consumers have gained more knowledge about the various different alcohol brands in the market.The good thing is, we’ve got an inside track on the top, incognito brands that have been winning awards but have stayed under the radar.

Our mission is now to reveal to our fun-loving drinkers a list of some of the best whiskies, gib, and liqours they should be trying the next time they’re on their night out. Drinks Connexion, a new breed of alcohol experts has recently launched in Malaysia and they are bringing the best of the best to the playing field. From gin, whisky to the all-round “let’s do shots” spirits, they are here to make sure, no one settles for second best.



In 1888, using only the finest and rarest malts, John & William Hardie succeeded in creating what was considered to be superior to all other blends. The Antiquary’s range of premium Blended Scotch Whisky which is, quite simply, a cut above. Give the 12-year old or the 21-year old a go the next time you’re out and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


Truly an undiscovered whisky for all Single Malt lovers out there. The Tomatin range brings with it an air of mystery. It delivers a taste of the Scottish Highlands in a glass and will continue to surprise the palate throughout each of its expressions – the Tomatin 12-year old, 14-year old and 18 year-old.

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is a super-premium, small batch bourbon that is a product of the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery. It has quickly become a highly acclaimed, award winning bourbon which is savored worldwide because of its exceptional richness, depth, and character with a smooth, well-rounded finish.

Glen Grant

Steeped in rich history and a unique personality, Glen Grant whisky’s are knows for its light, refreshing and distinctive tastes. The next time you and your friends are deciding on which bottle to get, try any of the Glen Grant range, 10-year old, 12-year old. You won’t regret it.

The Glendronach

From its home in the Scottish Highlands, the GlenDronach Distillery – “Valley of the Brambles” – has been creating the finest sherried single malts for nearly 200 years. Try either the 12,15 or 18-year old for a heavy and Spanish skill and heritage to offer whisky lovers an elegant, complex character with tremendous depth of taste.


The BenRiach Distillery follows in the footsteps of their intrepid founder, John Duff, who pursued whisky adventures at home and abroad, before building BenRiach Distillery in 1898. An unconventional Speyside whisky distiller, BenRiach distills three malt whisky styles – unpeated, peated and triple distilled – and holds some of the most experimental casks in Speyside.


With its British attitude and global mind-set, its bold black bottle and distinct flavour, BULLDOG Gin is a forward-thinking gin that has been causing a stir on the global gin scene.


The Glenglassaugh Evolution is created by maturing the whisky in a unique combination of the finest hand-picked ex-Tennessee first-fill whiskey barrels. This expression shows great depth of character and finesse, a harmonious combination of whisky and oak.


Made from the finest coca leaves grown and selected 2000 meters above sea level, then transported by armed guard to Amsterdam for maceration, Agwa de Bolivia is a premium herbal liqueur made from Bolivian coca leaves and an infusion of 36 herbs & botanicals.


With a selection created specifically to enhance any occasion, connoisseurs can look forward to whetting their palates with the haute couture of premium cognacs, Hardy Legend, Hardy XO Rare and Hardy Noces D’or.

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