Yuan LaoSi Hotpot

Chong Qing Yuan Laosi Hotpot is committed to “putting consumer experience first”. By continuous improving and studying, the brand adheres to quality fresh food, innovative material formula, modern management and personalized services. The brand’s goal is to provide the best taste of all for consumers.

As of the end of 2019, there are 500++ Yuan Laosi Hotpot worldwide

Our Achievement

Designated filming location for Sichuan International Food Festival Official Promotional Video

Most Popular Local Restaurant 2015 on Dianping.com

Recommended Brand on Chengdu TV Show Chengdu Food Struck, Eat Everywhere and On-Site Food Hunt

No.1 Restaurant of the 11th Sichuan International Food Festival (Hotpot Category)

Chengdu Must-Eat Restaurant List 2016 on Dianping.com

“Most Tasty Hotpot Brand” of Hotpot Festival 2016

“Most Valuable Brand 2017” on TV Show Chengdu Fashion Life

“Most popular Chengdu Hotpot 2017” on Tencent Dacheng.com

“Most Popular Local Hotpot Brand 2017” on TV Show Chengdu Fashion Life

Recommended Store on Chengdu Tasty List 2017 by WEST CHINA METROPOLIS DAILY


Authentic Soup Base

With high-end cooking skills and Yuan Laosi special-made cuisine, our brand hotpot is the adapted version of the original Chong Qing dock iron pot snack. We also continuously innovate based on our traditional legacy. Red pot is spicy and inviting while white pot is fragrant and palatable. We aim to present consumers the most authentic hotpot, the one and only Yuan Laosi Hotpot taste.

Elegant Dining Environment

Traditional family culture serves as the background of our restaurant visual design. To provide consumer-centered service, we did research on various documents and then integrate the modern design elements into the details of our stores, making it both classic and pragmatic. So at Yuan Laosi Hotpot, consumers will not only have a good taste of the hotpot, but also will be able to enjoy the cultural atmosphere.

First-Rate Service

At Yuan Laosi Hotpot, we believes in “providing content services for hotpot lovers”. That’s why we strictly pick our service staff from the very beginning of resume selection. Only 20 out of 100 candidates might have our offer. Employees need to receive pre-job training, irregular advanced training and service standard assessment and improvement. In doing so, we ensure that we are providing efficient, cordial, careful and enthusiastic service.

Quality Fresh Food

All food material must go through three-tier handpicking process. From purchasing, storage and processing, we make sure that there are no stale, spoiled ingredients. As for food processing, we pickle food with Yuan Laosi special seasoning. Every dish we serve is well-pickled for its tasty, just-right flavor.

Cost Efficient Choice

That’s how we have numerous repeat customers in Chengdu. You only need to spend 80-90 RMB to enjoy a good meal. It’s not expensive but the dinning experience is impeccable. That’s Yuan Laosi Hotpot, the “high-quality Chong Qing original hotpot brand” reviewed by more then 10,000 consumers.

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